About Us...

Even though we are based in Richmond, Virginia, just like the drone, we will fly anywhere to accommodate the request and needs of the client. 

While keeping both feet safely on the ground, we video and photograph from hard to reach places to give new perspective on your Commercial and Residential Real Estate listings, as well as Roof Inspections, Tower Inspections, Special Event and pretty much anything that you want to "get on film". 

Even though we are using the latest 4K camera shooting at 30 to 60 frames per second. These photos and videos need some TLC to make them really stand out. You can see the before and after in above picture. We use the latest software to adjust every photo and video to give just that "POP" on the end result. 

We are FAA Part 107 certified and insured, so there is no stress on your behalf. 


3D MAPPING is a very useful tool for listings. Not just because they are neat and different but it does allow you and the client to view the individual property with a 360 degree view. This will show just the subject property.


Scans show the health of the vegetation on any parcel of land. No matter if it is a corn field or the house next door. This is done using GPS and setting up a predetermined area.


Look at the elevation or slope of a parcel of land. See where the land drops off and climbs. No lot is too big or too small for this option. This is also done using the drones GPS and setting up a predetermined flight plan. 

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  • The Drone that we use is the latest in the Phantom Series from DJI. 
  • The Phantom 4 Professional is equiped with a 4K camera shooting at 30 to 60 frames per second. This camera is on a three axis gimble to assure a steady video even in light winds. 
  • This drone pretty much guarantees that your photographs and videos will be the cleanest and sharpest shots that you can get.